Gary Kaihara at Jackson Hole

Jun 27, 2018

Gary Kaihara Says, I Like To Ski!

Not to miss our weekly Vlog post, this video shows Gary Kaihara on vacation with his family in Jackson Hole. We had some fun with this. Enjoy.

Where We Were Instead

Instead of filming the Ben and Gary Show this week, our entire clinical team spent two days learning the latest technology at the Digital Dental Symposium here in DC.

We posted a few photos and a video from the conference on social media. One thing we were pleased to learn is that our investment using web media is spot on. 

Digital technology in dentistry is moving just as fast as it does everywhere else. Each advancement helps us do dentistry easier, better, faster, and safer than ever before.

It is our mission to keep our skills sharpened and our tools state of the art so that we always provide our patients with the best possible care.

In our next Episode of the Ben and Gary Show, we will report on some of the new developments.



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