Ben and Gary Show - Episode 20

Nov 08, 2018

Sharon's Story Twice Told

Sharon made the docs' day when she stopped by to tell them her dental story and how it changed her life for the better.

How Sharon Tells It

"I was always cautious about my smile." My teeth had Tetracycline stains at a young age.

Sharon Ivy Weiss 

But somehow, I couldn't convince myself to invest in an elective procedure. I did try bleaching my teeth.

Encouraged, I went for teeth straightening with Invisalign. I had some crowding. Boy did they look good all nice and straight.

During Invisalign treatment, I couldn't decide whether to go for porcelain veneers as the final step. I did research online. I went back and forth.

Finally, with encouragement from my husband and friends, I took the plunge. WOW.

I now have so much more confidence when I smile. And when photographed with my husband with his beautiful teeth I no longer feel upstaged.

I definitely feel my new smile affects the way people view me - as more open and more accessible.

But my big surprise is how my new smile changed the way I view the world. I feel FREE.

 How The Docs Tell It

 Sharon was never happy with her smile. She had Tetracycline stains that gave her teeth a brownish appearance. She had some crowding.

We treated her stains with bleaching and she opted for Invisalign to correct crowding.

Although really happy with Invisalign, she was on the fence about going for porcelain veneers. She finally decided to go for it.

Rick Bishop, our ceramist, worked with her on the color of her veneers. When she went home with her temporaries, she thought they should be whiter. She called Rick directly and they reached a decision.

One of the great advantages of having our in house lab is being able to connect the ceramist with the patient such that all expectations are met. Sharon was really the perfect case.

Sharon is really happy with her results. She told us we changed her life. When we hear that, it changes our lives too.



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