Ben and Gary Show - Episode 21

Nov 15, 2018

 Patients Ask What Is The Cost Of A Crown

Depends On Whether The Desired Result Is Quality Driven

Patients should understand that a crown is not a commodity. It is a custom prosthetic device fabricated specifically for that one tooth in your mouth. A lot needs to go into its creation order for it to:

  • Feel comfortable 
  • Look Natural
  • And function to improve the quality of your dental life

Managing the process has both structural and biological components. Both are factors in how long and how stable the crown restoration is. And, of course, how comfortable it feels in your mouth.

Structural components can be observed and analyzed with X-rays to determine the condition of the tooth. Often, however, structural issues reveal themselves in the process of shaping the tooth to receive the crown. Whether there is enough tooth structure to support the crown must be determined.

Pain comprises the biological components. Is it from a fracture, decay or other nerve issue. Every precaution must be taken to ensure that the pain source is resolved during the treatment process.

A quality result takes time. Looking for a fast result can lead to compromises.

For instance, the tooth may have fillings and decay underneath those fillings. If the filling and any underlying decay is not removed before the crown is placed, decay can continue unseen. This is the case because one cannot see what is under the crown with X-rays.

This important step may save time but risks the tooth and the patient's health. This is not a compromise we are willing to make - not for ourselves and not for our patients.

One of the benefits we offer is our own in house lab where we make your crown. We can create natural looking repairs that match your teeth exactly. We can also make adjustments on the day of your appointment.

We hope we have given you an appreciation for what a crown costs. We welcome your questions and comments. Use the blue box at top right.



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