Ben and Gary Show - Episode 34

Feb 28, 2019

Gary Takes Dentistry To Nicaragua

Beginning in 2003, Gary and his family spent their vacations doing missionary dentistry under the sponsorship of the Future of Nicaragua Foundation. 

Jinotega Near Managua

On their first mission Gary, Shelly and their kids, then ages 4 - 9, visited the village of Jinotega in the coffee region near Managua. On this mission, Gary and Shelly worked on adults.

As soda there was cheaper than water, they found much decay. Treatment was mostly pulling teeth, not saving them.

When they visited the same village the next year, there were dental chairs and some equipment. Gary was able to do fillings as well as extractions.

Decay was still rampant. He asked his patient which side he liked to chew on. He would then repair two salvageable back teeth to provide some ability to chew food.

Ometepe Island To San Pedro

On another trip, the family visited Ometepe Island on Lake Nicaragua to tour the Foundation's water projects. From there, they went to San Pedro.

On this mission, they began working on kids. As their dental problems were not so hopeless, Gary could treat twice as many patients a day. Also, Colgate provided educational materials.

The highlight of this mission was a thank you from a a thirteen year old boy. He told Gary that he had learned he must brush his teeth and not drink soda!

Managua And the Dump Community Of La Chureca 

In Managua, Gary treated orphans. Later he worked on children who lived and went to school in La Chureca, a community built around Managua's largest dump site.

After graduating in mechanical engineering at Clemson, Cameron, Gary's oldest son, returned to Nicaragua to build a school. The apple falls close to the tree?

(BTW, Cameron is soon to be married!)

Rip Tides Turned Gary Into Shark Bait At Tola Beach Near San Juan del Sur!

On a Sunday break, Gary took a too long swim. He was caught by a rip tide and swept out to deep, deep water. Fortunately, after a very long swim, Gary was pulled back to shore by a surf and rescue guide.

The Docs Plan To Go On The Road Again

The docs plan a mission trip together in the near future. They probably need to talk to the State Department. Nicaragua is off limits until things settle down.


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