Ben and Gary Show - Episode 35

Mar 07, 2019

Are Silver Fillings Safe?

Absolutely, silver fillings are safe. Some people fear that silver fillings cause mercury poising. With silver fillings, mercury is bound to other metals. As such, mercury is not in a form that can harm you.

Silver (Amalgams) Fillings - Pros and Cons
  • Silver fillings are pliable when mixed which makes them easy to fit into a cavity
  • Silver fillings harden to make a stable restoration
  • Silver fillings last a long time
  • In areas with limited dental facilities, such as Nicaragua, silver fillings are more forgiving if some saliva moisture is present
  • Silver fillings are cheaper than white fillings
White (Composite) Fillings - Pros and Cons
  • White fillings look like your real teeth
  • White fillings seal better at the edges of the cavity
  • White fillings bond with and strengthen the treated tooth
  • White fillings must be placed without the presence of saliva moisture
  • White fillings don't last as long as silver fillings
Bottom Line?

Leave your silver filling alone until they need to be replaced.





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