Ben and Gary Show - Episode 37

Mar 21, 2019

Oh No! I Need A Root Canal!

Today's topic is a doozy! Is root canal therapy safe? There is so much misinformation, we hate to a tell patients we are referring them for root canal therapy.

It is hard to argue with its serious benefits:

  • A root canal can preserve your tooth
  • A root canal can take you out of pain
What Is A Root Canal?

When a tooth's nerve deteriorates, it leaves dead nerve tissue behind.

A root canal is a procedure that removes the damaged tissue, cleans out the tooth's canals, treats them, then fills them. With today's modern tools and procedures, root canal treatment is safe and effective.

It is no longer a big deal to save a tooth.

Not Everybody Agrees That Root Canals Are Safe

Back in the 1920s, Westin A. Price supported the focal infection theory. He claimed that root canals create hidden infections that spread toxins throughout the body.

Only, there was never supporting evidence. Some call Price the "patron saint of crank dentistry."

Price Died In 1948. Why are his theories quoted today? The Westin A. Price Foundation, right here in Washington DC, was created to keep alive his unfortunate theories.

Root Cause Video

One such revival of Price's theories is a video called Root Cause. As did Price, it connects serious diseases and conditions such as heart disease, cancer and impotence to root canals.

This video also misquotes other dentists, claiming they support Price's theories. 

 Bottom Line?
  • Save your tooth with a root canal if your trusted dentist recommends it
  • Yes, you still have to take care of your teeth and get your regular checkups




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