Ben and Gary Show - Episode 39

Apr 04, 2019

Topical Pain Relief Not Enough?

Topical pain relief prevents pain. For patients with dental fears and anxiety there are three other choices. 

Inhalation Choice - Laughing Gas

Want your dental appointment to be a laughing matter? We offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide) which you inhale. 

It produces feelings of euphoria, relaxation and calmness. And yes, even fits of giggles and laughter.

Laughing gas is fast to administer and fast to wear off. No Uber needed for this dental visit!

Ingestion Choice - Pills

Muscle relaxers (Valium) and anti anxiety medications (such as Halcion or Ativan) can be administered in pill form to deal with fears and anxiety. They must be taken before the appointment and take some time to wear off after.

These medications relax you. But they can also cause you to be drowsy. You will want to bring your chauffeur along if using them.

Intravenous Choice - General Anesthesia 

Some patients just want you to wake them up when you are done. The less they know about their treatment the better.

We use a trained and licensed professional for patients who want to this. You will definitely need someone to help you get home.

All three approaches are safe. Laughing gas is the most convenient. Talk to your dentist. There is no need to experience fear and anxiety during treatment.


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