Ben and Gary Show - Episode 41

Apr 18, 2019

Can My Smile Make Me Look Younger?

As we age, changes in our teeth can affect our smile, making us look older.

Reasons Why Our Teeth Can Make Us Look Older

One reason why our teeth make us look older as we get older is that our teeth may actually be shorter due to wear.

Another reason is that our teeth may have fracture lines or craze lines that make them appear darker. Yet another reason is gum recession that makes us look "long in the tooth".

Finally, our teeth may become crowded due to their tendency to move forward as we age.

Ways Our Smile Can Make Us Look Younger

One of the fastest ways our smile can make us look younger is to whiten our teeth. Whiter teeth are associated with youth.

If our teeth are quite nice, bleaching them is quick and has an immediate impact. Our patients are quite pleased with their whiter, brighter, more youthful smiles.

If our teeth are worn down, veneers and crowns may be a perfect solution.

In the case of gum recession, a periodontist can give you new gum line using today's advanced techniques.

In the case of crowding, orthodontics is an excellent choice. Invisalign is an approach that uses clear removable trays to align the teeth. The trays can also be used as bleaching trays so that teeth can be straightened and whitened at the same time.






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