Ben and Gary Show - Episode 43

May 02, 2019

Do I Have To Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

A patient reported that he had his wisdom teeth removed in the 70s and suffered a numb chin for 6 months. He asks if removing wisdom teeth is necessary.

Removing wisdom teeth makes sense if there is not enough room for them and if they are in not in the proper in position. If wisdom teeth need to be removed, it is best to remove them during teen years before their roots develop.

Techniques for removing wisdom teeth have improved substantially. Cone beam x-rays give the dentist a full view of the tooth. He can plan and execute his procedure more precisely. He is able to get the job done with the least stress to the patient and minimize the risk of nerve damage.

Dynamic oral surgery is another technique. A camera records and displays on a monitor every action the dentist performs. No more flying blind, hammer, chisel and mallet surgery they used back in the day.



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