Ben and Gary Show - Episode 55

Jul 25, 2019

What Procedures Do Periodontists Do?

I am solo today. Gary is away learning about Airway dentistry.

We were asked what procedures periodontists do. It is probably best to first answer...

What is a periodontist?

In addition to the standard four year dental training program, a periodontist undertakes three additional years of formal training. 

He specializes in the treatment of bone loss around teeth, the most common cause of tooth loss, and gum disease.

What procedures do periodontists perform?

A periodontist is trained in laser and surgical treatments to regenerate bone and restore gum health.

Using these techniques, he repairs loose gum tissue restoring the gum seal around the neck of the tooth. This protects the tooth from inflammation and further bone loss.

Once gums and bones are restored, periodontists also place dental implants to replace lost teeth.

Can general dentists treat bone loss and gum disease?

General dentists can and do treat gum disease and bone loss with non surgical and antibiotic remedies. It is probable that a general dentist will work in partnership with a periodontist to stop bone loss progression, reduce inflammation, and restore bones and gums to health.






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