Ben and Gary Show - Episode 57

Aug 08, 2019

Gum Disease - Lasers to the Rescue

We were asked what is LANAP.  Joining us today is special guest and colleague, Dr. Justin Zalewsky, Periodontist, who will explain it.

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

LANAP itself is not new. What is new and exciting is the technique is now FDA approved for true regeneration of bone, the surface layer of the tooth root, and periodontal ligaments.

With gum disease, gums

  • become inflamed 
  • small pockets of space form around the teeth and roots 
  • bone destruction is evident

This condition was traditionally treated by cutting open the gum, cleaning out the infection and closing the gum wound. The gum closure with this procedure 

  • exposes more of the root
  • gives a picket fence appearance at the gum line
  • makes one "longer in the tooth"

It works, however, quite well.

With LANAP, the patient feels like he is getting a cleaning but the laser

  • causes the root bone to regenerate
  • makes old teeth young again

Incidentally, the procedure is most effective if the patient has not had a recent hygiene appointment!

LAPIP (Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure)

In cases where a dental implant has been placed but is failing due to unhealthy gum tissue and deepening gum pockets around it, LAPIP,  a similar laser based therapy, is used for great results.

LANAP / LAPIP Benefits
  • saves more teeth
  • bloodless
  • painless except for the numbing injection
  • faster healing than traditional surgery

Well all, it's Friday after hours. Gary and Justin are off to the Nats game. Ben is out to dinner with wife and friends. Take care of your teeth. LANAP is fantastic but prevention is best.













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