Ben and Gary Show - Episode 59

Aug 22, 2019

Dan's First Week At Smiles International 

Dan chose Smiles International because of its commitment to quality dentistry, the friendly team, and the efficiency of the offices.

In his first week, he has practiced in all three offices and mastered navigating the area by Metro and car.

Ben warns that August traffic is not representative and teases about DC's weather. 

Dental School

Dan may be new to private practice but not to dental procedures. He began practicing on patients his third year of dental school, doing fillings and single crowns. In his fourth year, he move up to bidges and treatments affecting more teeth.

Prosthodontics Specialty

Dan took three more years of prosthodontics specialty training where he developed advanced skills including full mouth rehabilitation and a significant number of implant cases.

On Mondays, he presented patient cases to faculty. These included diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans.

He also had to master lab work for more customized patient outcomes.

Settling In

Dan settled in Arlington. His girlfriend is also a dentist, practicing in Vienna.

Dan received a warm welcome from the Smiles International team in a surprise celebration of his arrival and his birthday, August 15.

Dan's hobby is Tae Qwon Do. He hasn't found a gym yet but is keeping in shape with a punching bag in his apartment gym - faces of Ben or Gary not allowed on the bag!

So what do we do about the Ben and Gary Show now that Dan is here? Suggestions welcome. 



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