Ben and Gary Show - Episode 65

Oct 03, 2019

Can I Have Braces If I Have Crowns?

A patient has nine crowns on her front teeth. Over time, her teeth have moved forward giving her smile a buck teeth appearance.

She had braces before getting her crowns. She asks if she needs braces again.

Teeth can move

Often the first step in a cosmetic procedure is aligning the teeth. Although teeth can be just right when the crowns are placed, teeth can move, especially if a retainer is not being worn.

Depending on how the teeth move, the result can be displeasing and cause the patient to feel less confident.

Three possible fixes

There are three possible fixes for the rogue teeth. If the crowns were placed a long time ago, new crowns can be placed in a new position.

Another possibility is new traditional braces with brackets and wires. There is some risk. The brackets may scar crown surfaces and may require repair or new crowns.

If the crowns are not old, Invisalign, orthodontics using bracketless clear aligners, are a great option.

Of course, depending on how the patient feels about too prominent teeth, there is the choice to do nothing. 






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