Ben and Gary Show - Episode 68

Oct 24, 2019

Can You Put A Veneer Over A Crown?

Today, Ben is joined by Dan. Gary is off celebrating his birthday! Happy birthday, Gary.

This week we got this interesting question.

Can a veneer be put over a crown?

The short answer is yes for certain situations. For instance, if the crown is part of a larger repair such as a bridge or denture, it may make sense to repair the one crown on the unit.

This repair is called an over crown. The old crown is prepped as if it were a tooth and a veneer is bonded to it. This makes sense as replacing the entire unit would be expensive and time consuming.

However, if the damaged crown is a stand alone crown, replacing it make more sense than patching it. It will last longer.

Quick fix kits

There are many bonding materials and repair kits available to make a patch repair. We do not use them as results are transient and unpredictable.




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