Ben and Gary Show - Episode 7

Jul 08, 2018

Technology Shapes the Future of Dentistry

We attended the 2018 Dental Entrepreneurial Summit in Phoenix AZ, June 7-9. This is an annual meeting bringing together dentists with more than one practice location to investigate management, financing and the implementation of emerging technology. DEO

Dentistry in 2018 - What Will It Look Like?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the underpinning of many new tools. AI is a machine learning software.

  • It increases accuracy and speed in diagnosis and treatment.
  • The software gets smarter and faster resulting in better, faster implementation of treatment planning and patient participation.
YOMI - Robotic Assisted Dental Surgery

Dr. Kaihara talks about practicing with the YOMI, from Neocis, the first robotic assisted dental surgical tool.

  • YOMI integrates three-dimensional digital images such that implants or other surgical procedures can be planned in advance with attention to the patient's nerves, sinuses or other unique anatomical features.
  • During surgery, YOMI provides the dentist with real time progress on executing his surgical plan.
  • YOMI also guides his physical movements making sure he stays with the plan. 
  • For the patient, YOMI is faster and more comfortable.

Find out more about YOMI here.

X-Guide - Another Approach

X-Guide by X-Nav is a similar tool. X-Guide works with a cone beam system, such as ours.

  • It delivers interactive, turn-by-turn guidance to improve the precision and accuracy of implant position, angle an depth.
  • This system is the only live, 360-degree single-view of drill position and anatomy during surgery.
  • With X-Guide, same-day guided surgery can be a reality for patients.

Find out about X-Guide here.

Dr. Andrea Shepperson - Digital Smile Design

Dr. Watkins talks about Dr. Andrea Shepperson, an internationally recognized Digital Smile Design Master and Instructor, leading New Zealand’s only accredited Digital Smile Design Clinic. 

  • Dentistry has gone digital in just the last year.
  • Digital tools are taking a step out of restorations, eliminating temporaries and shortening treatment.

FirstFit is one of the new digital tools.

  • The FirstFit system utilizes digital technology and a series of 3D printed preparation guides.
  • FirstFit gives the dentist the potential to prepare and seat a crown, bridge or veneer in a single visit.

Find more information on FirstFit here.

We found the conference extremely valuable for planning and implementing with our team these exciting new tools.


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