Ben and Gary Show - Episode 70

Nov 07, 2019

Tongue Piercing

The docs are seeing more patients with tongue piercings. Although they recognize that it is a way people choose to express themselves, there are some short and long term dental risks.

The metal ball of the piercing ornament tends to irritate the gum tissue behind the teeth causing it to recede. This can results in

  • sensitive teeth
  • loose teeth
  • lost teeth

Once gum tissue recedes, it does not restore itself when the piercing is removed. Gum graphs may be needed.

Another problem of piercing is chipped teeth. The metal ball hits the teeth when eating or when the wearer rolls it around in his mouth. A final problem is that the piercing creates a portal for bacteria.

The docs advise that anyone considering tongue piercing should consider the not inconsequential risks. Anyone with a piercing should check with his dentist regularly. 


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