Ben and Gary Show - Episode 72

Nov 21, 2019

Transitioning From A Pediatric Dental Practice

We were asked when should a young adult transition from a Pediatric practice to an adult practice.

What is pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists complete two years of additional training following four years of dental training. They learn

  • about developing teeth
  • creating a fun environment for children
  • working with children
  • working with special needs children

We notice that patients who come to us from Pediatric practices love their dentists. The Pediatric Orthodontist that Gary used for his children had an office filled with toys and games. What's not to love!

When to transition?

There is no set time when a young adult should transition from his Pediatric dentist. For some it is after high school. Others wait until after college.

After wisdom teeth have formed is a general rule of thumb for transitioning.

Special timing considerations

There are special considerations for the transition timing. If a child's teeth do not develop normally, such as lateral teeth never forming, he may need to see other specialists.

For example, we treat a fifteen year old absent lateral teeth. He is too young for implants. Another approach is needed in the interim.

Special needs children may stay with their Pediatric dentists as they have experience in working with them.

Regardless of when patients transition from Pediatric practices to adult practices, it is important that their records transition too.



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