Ben and Gary Show - Episode 77

Jan 02, 2020

Titanium Vs Ceramic Implant Materials

The boys confess that they've been naughty before Christmas.

 The question asked was this: What are dental implants made of?

Dental implant materials are either titanium or ceramic. Titanium ones are more common in the US. Ceramic ones, also known as zirconium and white metal, are growing in use and popularity in Europe.

Differences in implant materials

Titanium implants have three parts, the part in the jaw bone, the part that supports the crown, and the crown.

Ceramic implants are usually one solid piece that the crown attaches to with a carbon fiber screw.

Advantages of titanium implants

Titanium implants are predictable, strong, stable, and long lasting. They have some give such that they are less susceptible to fracture. Their three component design allows for crown angle correction if needed.

Titanium implants have evolved to make them easily integrated into the jaw bone. Early implants had a highly polished smooth surface. Today, they have a roughed up surface for better assimilation.

 Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic implants

One advantage of ceramic implants is their white color which makes them less obvious if surrounding gum recedes.

They are a great alternative for those few individuals who have allergic reactions to titanium.

They are also an alternative for people who don't want metal in their mouths, though they do contain metal oxides.

Ceramic implants have some disadvantages.

  • they require advanced skills
  • they are thin and more susceptible to fracture than titanium

The boys mention the Smiles International Team party. See episode 76. 



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