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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 9


Dental Artistry - Our Ceramists Make the Difference!

We focused our last episodes on digital innovations in the pipeline. While impressive, the results we want for our patients and they want for themselves also require dental artistry.

Dental Artistry is about Color, Contour, and Shape

There are several tools that contribute to matching restorations to the patient's natural teeth. Most practices rely on these:

  • Shade guides - are useful as a starting point but they are missing critical information about the intensity, brightness, and texture of a patient's natural teeth.

  • Natural lighting - improves shade guide matching.

  • Photographs - reveal nuances in the color and translucency of the patient's natural teeth, adding another layer to the aesthetics of restorations.

  • Vita EasyShade V - creates digital shade maps of color variations in a patient's natural teeth for great results.

Our On Site Technicians Take Dental Artistry to the Next Level


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