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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 6


The Truth About Teeth in a Day

'Teeth in a day' ads usually refer to people who have no teeth or have teeth that can not be saved.

They may have removable dentures. They may already have dental implant posts.

What Does It Really Mean?

What 'teeth in a day' more realistically means is teeth on a day following extensive preplanning. On the day, an interim set of plastic teeth is placed on strategically positioned implanted posts.

These temporary teeth stabilize the implant posts as they heal. The temporary teeth also provide a cosmetic benefit. A person does not have to be without teeth while waiting for permanent replacements.

What Is The Starting Point?

Patient record review and photographs are the first steps in planning for full mouth restoration.

3D imaging is then used to evaluate the jaw bones for placement of the implant posts and take additional measurements.

It is also used to design the new smile. The patient can actually participate in his smile...

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