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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 24


Help, My Teeth Are Moving!

Do my teeth move? Absolutely, they can move anytime in any direction.

With orthodontics, we control how they move. Here are some reasons why they move on their own:

  • Function force and wear and tear as we age
  • Greater function force when some teeth are lost 
  • Bite misalignment - an aligned bite supports proper tooth position. 

Here are some of the consequences:

  • Teeth tend to move forward as we age
  • Front teeth become crowded, get thinner, chip more easily, become jagged
  • Bite becomes even more misaligned, allowing tooth movement
  • Loss of teeth and vulnerability to decay

Here are the remedies:

  • Monitor teeth and act before problems get serious
  • Orthodontics to stabilize teeth to function better
  • Crowns, bridges, bonding to repair function and appearance

In our practice, we like to be proactive, advising patients to take care of issues before they require aggressive remedies.



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