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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 75

implants mini Dec 19, 2019

Mini Implants - What You Need To Know

Recently, new minimally invasive dental implants have been in the news. The docs talk about how they are different from traditional implants and cases where they make sense.

Difference between minimally invasive and traditional Implants

Minimally Invasive Implants

Mini implants are skinnier than traditional implants. They are made in one piece - a thin spike topped with a ball to attach a crown.They were originally created to stabilize removable dentures. 

They have some drawbacks. Because of their skinny shape, they are susceptible to breaks. They cannot be repaired.

They also require a lot of cement to stabilize the attached crown. Cement can irritate the gums and lead to bone loss.

Because the crown attached to it is wider than the ball head, it is difficult to clean under it, causing gum irritation.

They can be a good solution as a temporary measure.

Traditional Implants

Traditional implants are wider. They are made in two part....

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