Ben and Gary Show Episodes

Ben and Gary Show - Episode 10


Meet Rick Bishop, Our Talented Ceramist

With 40 years in the business, 18 of those years have been dedicated to creating remarkable, one-of-a-kind restorations here at Smiles International. In this video, Rick sits down with Dr. Kaihara to discuss the perks and advantages of having an in-house dental lab. They also elaborate on all of what is considered when creating these unique restorations.


  • One on one interaction with the patients
  • Better chances at achieving patients wants/needs amidst challenges such as tackling a single central front tooth
  • Ability to customize and make subtle changes while patient is in the office (saving the patients having to return for another visit)
  • Overall gratification when patients leave the office exuding confidence in their smile

One of our core values state: "Each restoration must be of the highest quality, made of the best materials and most precise manner and unquestioned best in its category." We live by this.

In this video, you'll...

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