Ben and Gary Show Episodes

Behind the Scene - Episode 25


Friday Surprises

You might not know that we record the Ben and Gary Show on Friday afternoons after hours.

After recording another episode, Elena, esteemed member of our clinical team, surprised us with the news that she is now a US citizen. We are thrilled for her and with her.

And then, the Watkins family showed up. It was a great way to end the week.

No rest for the weary, we are closing this week with two new episodes of the Ben and Gary Show.

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 22


How Do You Select a Dentist?

When choosing a dentist, most people ask someone they know. Understand that what is right for that person may not be right for you.

Ask them for details
  • How well does their dentist communicate with them
  • Is he on time
  • Is the office clean
  • Is there a system
Is their dentist good?
  • Do they come back for the same problem
  • Is the dentist current with the technology 
  • How does the dentist's team treat them
  • How does the dentist treat his team
  • Does the dentist seem rushed
  • Does food get trapped where the work was done
  • Do gums bleed regularly after work is done
  • Is their odor after the work is done
  • Is there pain when biting down
  • If there are complications, does their dentist's team work to resolve them 
Does their dentist's office look like a museum?
  • Technology is changing dentistry
  • Does their dentist invest in new technology
  • Does he invest in training for himself and his team
Quality dentistry is more than the...
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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 10


Meet Rick Bishop, Our Talented Ceramist

With 40 years in the business, 18 of those years have been dedicated to creating remarkable, one-of-a-kind restorations here at Smiles International. In this video, Rick sits down with Dr. Kaihara to discuss the perks and advantages of having an in-house dental lab. They also elaborate on all of what is considered when creating these unique restorations.


  • One on one interaction with the patients
  • Better chances at achieving patients wants/needs amidst challenges such as tackling a single central front tooth
  • Ability to customize and make subtle changes while patient is in the office (saving the patients having to return for another visit)
  • Overall gratification when patients leave the office exuding confidence in their smile

One of our core values state: "Each restoration must be of the highest quality, made of the best materials and most precise manner and unquestioned best in its category." We live by this.

In this video, you'll...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 8


Team Gets Ready to Go Digital - No Goop?

The Doctors, accompanied by their clinical team & Lab technicians, attended the Digital Dentistry Symposium, June 22 and 23, 2018 in Washington DC. 

Sponsored by one of the leading dental implant companies: Straumann 

In this video, the Doctors will discuss the coming conversion of analog to digital in the world of dentistry. 

They elaborate on the new digital technology that will promote newer, and cleaner approaches to dentistry without losing the artistic value! The Straumann Symposium demonstrated their more modern 3D intraoral scanners that are said to soon replace impressions -- eliminating "the goop!" 

These scanners will allow for more efficient acquisitions which in turn will result in more life-like restorations!  By using these virtual scans, it will also allow for more detailed, and accurate treatment planning for patients.

Dr. Kaihara and Dr. Watkins are ecstatic following this...

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