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Ben and Gary Show Episode 79


Can You Make My Crown Match My Teeth?

Answering this question is our guest Rick Bishop, a Certified Dental Technician Specializing in Dental Ceramics.

"It's a big advantage to have the lab in the office. I can go see the patient to do more than just pick a simple shade. I look at all aspects of the patient's natural teeth which in turn makes the final crown match that tooth. This personalized service that this office provides is key to the crowns success. Whether it's one tooth or many.

Working as a team and the great relationship that the lab and the Drs have, makes it possible for us to meet the patients expectations.




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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 21


 Patients Ask What Is The Cost Of A Crown

Depends On Whether The Desired Result Is Quality Driven

Patients should understand that a crown is not a commodity. It is a custom prosthetic device fabricated specifically for that one tooth in your mouth. A lot needs to go into its creation order for it to:

  • Feel comfortable 
  • Look Natural
  • And function to improve the quality of your dental life

Managing the process has both structural and biological components. Both are factors in how long and how stable the crown restoration is. And, of course, how comfortable it feels in your mouth.

Structural components can be observed and analyzed with X-rays to determine the condition of the tooth. Often, however, structural issues reveal themselves in the process of shaping the tooth to receive the crown. Whether there is enough tooth structure to support the crown must be determined.

Pain comprises the biological components. Is it from a fracture, decay...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 4


Porcelain Veneers or Crowns?

After viewing Episode 3, viewers asked the doctors when to use veneers instead of crowns. In this video, they answer.

What Is The Difference Between A Crown And A Veneer?

A crown is a thimble-like cap on a tooth. A veneer is a thin porcelain material covering the front surface of a tooth.

A veneer is a more conservative procedure.

What Determines Whether A Crown Or Veneer Is The Best Choice?

The condition of the tooth is what determines whether a crown or a veneer is the best choice. The doctors prefer the option that gives you the best result for the longest period of time.

What Conditions Favor A Crown?

A tooth with these conditions are unable to support a veneer and require a crown -

  • Too many fillings
  • Too little enamel - veneers attach best to enamel
  • Habits that can fracture veneers such as nail biting, pencil chewing
  • Other bite forces that can fracture veneers such as teeth alignment

These conditions are best remedied with crowns -

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