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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 25


Take Dry Mouth Seriously

Among our patients, a common complaint is dry mouth. Saliva is slippery and forms a buffer against decay which is sticky. Dry mouth compromises that buffer and sets you up for many problems.

There are many causes of dry mouth.
  • As we get older saliva flow diminishes
  • Medications cause and promote dry mouth
  • Not sure about yours? Google medications that cause dry mouth - the list will be long
Dry mouth affects your teeth and dental health in many ways.
  • It creates a perfect environment for tooth decay, especially  along the gum line
  • It can even cause root decay
  • We treat decay but recurrent decay is often a problem
  • It causes bad breath
Following are some ways we help patients deal with dry mouth. 
  • We prescribe fluoride treatments or trays to help prevent decay
  • We recommend gum with xylitol or other products that promote saliva flow
  •  We encourage daily hygiene using a mechanical toothbrush
  • We definitely recommend flossing to keep...
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