Ben and Gary Show Episodes

Ben and Gary Show - Episode 18


What's New? Big Fish, Bigger Bear and ?

Tall Tales from Gary in Yakutat, Alaska?
Secret Announcement?

 While we were working, Gary escaped to Yakutat, Alaska with his older brother Dave, his oldest son Cameron, and his friend Greg Wong.

Big Fish

Here's what the boys had to say about their deep fishing catch:

  • They say they each caught a big Halibut. How big? The largest Halibut on record is 515 pounds.
  • They also caught Lingcod, which can weigh 10 - 90 pounds.
  • And would you believe they caught Rockfish that they say were just waiting on the bottom for them to catch them.

Gary and Son Cameron

They also went fly fishing on a nearby river. Gary says his Double Haul casting technique, good for windy casting, needs work. But he did catch some Salmon.

Ben said this story sounds like A River Runs Through It with Brad Pitt. Gary says he could have played that role. 

Bigger Grizzlies

They cooled on river fishing when Gary saw a Grizzly about 100 yards away....

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 14


What's In The Bag?

                      Introducing our Smiles International Quarterly Raffle

 An ongoing raffle is being held in both the Georgetown and McLean locations. Every patient who comes in for an appointment is eligible and encouraged to enter.  Sorry guys, only one ticket per quarter.

The drawings are held at the end of each quarter. From each office ballet box, one patient name is drawn for the Grand Prize!!

This raffle is free to our patients. It was implemented as a token of our appreciation for our loyal patients! 

We are officially into our second quarter, and the patients have been raving over this quarter's choice of two prizes:

                          Oral B Electric Genius -or - Amazon Echo (feat Alexa)                      ...

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Gary Kaihara at Jackson Hole


Gary Kaihara Says, I Like To Ski!

Not to miss our weekly Vlog post, this video shows Gary Kaihara on vacation with his family in Jackson Hole. We had some fun with this. Enjoy.

Where We Were Instead

Instead of filming the Ben and Gary Show this week, our entire clinical team spent two days learning the latest technology at the Digital Dental Symposium here in DC.

We posted a few photos and a video from the conference on social media. One thing we were pleased to learn is that our investment using web media is spot on. 

Digital technology in dentistry is moving just as fast as it does everywhere else. Each advancement helps us do dentistry easier, better, faster, and safer than ever before.

It is our mission to keep our skills sharpened and our tools state of the art so that we always provide our patients with the best possible care.

In our next Episode of the Ben and Gary Show, we will report on some of the new developments.


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