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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 6


The Truth About Teeth in a Day

'Teeth in a day' ads usually refer to people who have no teeth or have teeth that can not be saved.

They may have removable dentures. They may already have dental implant posts.

What Does It Really Mean?

What 'teeth in a day' more realistically means is teeth on a day following extensive preplanning. On the day, an interim set of plastic teeth is placed on strategically positioned implanted posts.

These temporary teeth stabilize the implant posts as they heal. The temporary teeth also provide a cosmetic benefit. A person does not have to be without teeth while waiting for permanent replacements.

What Is The Starting Point?

Patient record review and photographs are the first steps in planning for full mouth restoration.

3D imaging is then used to evaluate the jaw bones for placement of the implant posts and take additional measurements.

It is also used to design the new smile. The patient can actually participate in his smile...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 5


Broken and Cracked Teeth

In this episode, the doctors discuss the diagnosis and repair of cracked and broken teeth.

What Is The Difference Between A Cracked Or Broken Tooth?

A cracked tooth is where a tooth has incompletely splintered but no part of the tooth has yet broken off. Cracks may not be visible.

A broken tooth is where a portion of the tooth has chipped off.

How Are Cracked And Broken Teeth Evaluated?

There are several steps in the evaluation of cracked and broken teeth -

  • Asking how it occurred
  • Asking what are symptoms 
  • Removing the damaged portion to assess
  • Visual inspection 
  • Imaging studies in 3D if necessary
  • Consult if nerve damage is suspected
How Is The Crack or Broken Tooth Damage Repaired?

The restoration of cracked or broken teeth depends on the extent of the damage -

  • Filling
  • Partial crown (Onlay)
  • Crown
  • Root canal if nerve damage occurred, then crown

Th doctors always try to save the damaged tooth. If the crack or fracture damage goes below...

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Ask a Question Video Warm Up


Hands in Your Mouth - Take 1

After shooting two episodes of the Ben and Gary Show, the docs warm up to reshoot the video for our Ask Your Question form.


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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 4


Porcelain Veneers or Crowns?

After viewing Episode 3, viewers asked the doctors when to use veneers instead of crowns. In this video, they answer.

What Is The Difference Between A Crown And A Veneer?

A crown is a thimble-like cap on a tooth. A veneer is a thin porcelain material covering the front surface of a tooth.

A veneer is a more conservative procedure.

What Determines Whether A Crown Or Veneer Is The Best Choice?

The condition of the tooth is what determines whether a crown or a veneer is the best choice. The doctors prefer the option that gives you the best result for the longest period of time.

What Conditions Favor A Crown?

A tooth with these conditions are unable to support a veneer and require a crown -

  • Too many fillings
  • Too little enamel - veneers attach best to enamel
  • Habits that can fracture veneers such as nail biting, pencil chewing
  • Other bite forces that can fracture veneers such as teeth alignment

These conditions are best remedied with crowns -

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 3


Porcelain Veneers - Why You'll Love Them

In this video, the doctors discuss what porcelain veneers are, what they can do for you, and what are the considerations for beautiful results.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of medical-grade ceramic attached to the front surfaces of teeth.

What Can Veneers Porcelain Do For You?

Porcelain veneers can change the look, shape, and color of your teeth. They can -

  • Make you look younger
  • Feel more confident
  • Change your life in positive ways

And perhaps their greatest advantage, they are the -

  • Fastest cosmetic dental procedure
What Are The Considerations For Beautiful Results?

The first and most important consideration in treatment with porcelain veneers is managing your expectations.

Ninety percent of the treatment process is planning and preparation. The doctors do digital or physical mockups to help you envision your results.

Their in-house laboratory is a great asset in creating...

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