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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 73

ben and gary show Nov 28, 2019

Ben And Gary Show Back Stage

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. We were off too. But we didn't forget you. In this episode, we take you back stage to see how we plan shows.

In this video, we talk about our camera shots, a topic we going to cover with a guest, and the episode we are about to record.

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 72

ben and gary show Nov 21, 2019

Transitioning From A Pediatric Dental Practice

We were asked when should a young adult transition from a Pediatric practice to an adult practice.

What is pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists complete two years of additional training following four years of dental training. They learn

  • about developing teeth
  • creating a fun environment for children
  • working with children
  • working with special needs children

We notice that patients who come to us from Pediatric practices love their dentists. The Pediatric Orthodontist that Gary used for his children had an office filled with toys and games. What's not to love!

When to transition?

There is no set time when a young adult should transition from his Pediatric dentist. For some it is after high school. Others wait until after college.

After wisdom teeth have formed is a general rule of thumb for transitioning.

Special timing considerations

There are special considerations for the transition timing. If a child's teeth do not...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 71

ben and gary show Nov 14, 2019

Do I Need A Crown After A Root Canal?

Today, we welcome our friend and colleague, Dr. Angela Noguera, Board Certified Endodontist. Angela is President and CEO of DC Endodontic Center here in Washington DC.

Today's question

Why it is important for patients we send to Angela for root canal therapy return to have the tooth fully restored with a crown?

What is root canal treatment?

The purpose of root canal treatment is to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. During a root canal, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed and the inside of it is cleaned and sealed.

Most root canals require two or more visits to your endodontist. The first visit alleviates any pain from the tooth. On the second visit, the tooth is cleaned, disinfected, shaped, measured and filled to prevent any further infection.

A rubber dam is used to seal the tooth to prevent contamination until the...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 70

ben and gary show Nov 07, 2019

Tongue Piercing

The docs are seeing more patients with tongue piercings. Although they recognize that it is a way people choose to express themselves, there are some short and long term dental risks.

The metal ball of the piercing ornament tends to irritate the gum tissue behind the teeth causing it to recede. This can results in

  • sensitive teeth
  • loose teeth
  • lost teeth

Once gum tissue recedes, it does not restore itself when the piercing is removed. Gum graphs may be needed.

Another problem of piercing is chipped teeth. The metal ball hits the teeth when eating or when the wearer rolls it around in his mouth. A final problem is that the piercing creates a portal for bacteria.

The docs advise that anyone considering tongue piercing should consider the not inconsequential risks. Anyone with a piercing should check with his dentist regularly. 

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 69

ben and gary show Oct 31, 2019

Dentistry Or Plastic Surgery?

Which Makes You Look Youngest?

Gary, Ben and Dan are joined by special guest, Armando Retana, MD, DDS. Dr. Retana is a plastic surgeon, a maxillofacial surgeon, and an oral surgeon. His practice is Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

So what makes us look old?

Four things make us look older

  • Loss of soft tissue volume in the face
  • Shrinkage of the bony supporting structures in the face
  • Loss of collagen and elastin
  • Gravity

But the supporting structure of teeth counts most. If you have ever seen anyone remove their dentures, you have witnessed how the absence of teeth age the face.

How young can cosmetic dental and plastic procedures make you look? 

This may surprise you but Armando, who is expert in both soft tissue and hard, bony support structures, tells us this.

  • With a face lift, you can look ten years younger
  • With repair to the supporting bony structures, you can look ten, fifteen, or twenty years younger


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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 68

ben and gary show Oct 24, 2019

Can You Put A Veneer Over A Crown?

Today, Ben is joined by Dan. Gary is off celebrating his birthday! Happy birthday, Gary.

This week we got this interesting question.

Can a veneer be put over a crown?

The short answer is yes for certain situations. For instance, if the crown is part of a larger repair such as a bridge or denture, it may make sense to repair the one crown on the unit.

This repair is called an over crown. The old crown is prepped as if it were a tooth and a veneer is bonded to it. This makes sense as replacing the entire unit would be expensive and time consuming.

However, if the damaged crown is a stand alone crown, replacing it make more sense than patching it. It will last longer.

Quick fix kits

There are many bonding materials and repair kits available to make a patch repair. We do not use them as results are transient and unpredictable.



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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 67

ben and gary show Oct 17, 2019

 A Week In The Life Of Smiles International

We video the Ben and Gary Show on Fridays after the last patient is seen. In today's episode, Dan talks about a satisfying case. Ben talks about a case that he had to sweat.

Dan's case

Dan delivered a new crown to a patient who had diagonally sheared off a part of a front tooth. The patient's tooth broke the prior week after eating a walnut.

This patient had fractures on many teeth in his mouth. It was not the walnut. It was the last straw in the slow progression of fractures on this tooth. 

As there was not enough tooth structure to support a veneer, a crown was the best restoration option. Dan used the broken piece to measure the size of the new crown and took photographs. Then he prepped the tooth for the new crown.

He also fitted him for a mouthguard to prevent the nighttime grinding causing multiple tooth fractures.

Our lab - the secret sauce

Matching a single crown to a natural tooth is one of the most...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 66

ben and gary show Oct 10, 2019

Dental Sealants  - Why Do We Need Them

Dental sealants coat the surfaces of molars and bicuspids to protect them from decay. They are most often used in children.

Sealants smooth out the grooves in tooth surfaces to keep them from trapping food and causing decay. They are great for children who may not brush that well.

How Are They Applied?

Teeth must be prepared before sealants can be applied. Teeth surfaces must be dry for the sealant to adhere.

Once sealants are applied, they are light cured, then adjusted to fit the bite exactly. The process is similar to sealing cracks in your driveway. 

Sealants protect the surfaces of teeth but the areas between teeth are still vulnerable to decay. Flossing and regular dental visits are still necessary. So sorry.

Sealants may last for several years. 

Are Sealants Safe?

Sealants do contain EPAs, though many are being reformulated without them. Some fear that sealants may not be safe....

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 65

ben and gary show Oct 03, 2019

Can I Have Braces If I Have Crowns?

A patient has nine crowns on her front teeth. Over time, her teeth have moved forward giving her smile a buck teeth appearance.

She had braces before getting her crowns. She asks if she needs braces again.

Teeth can move

Often the first step in a cosmetic procedure is aligning the teeth. Although teeth can be just right when the crowns are placed, teeth can move, especially if a retainer is not being worn.

Depending on how the teeth move, the result can be displeasing and cause the patient to feel less confident.

Three possible fixes

There are three possible fixes for the rogue teeth. If the crowns were placed a long time ago, new crowns can be placed in a new position.

Another possibility is new traditional braces with brackets and wires. There is some risk. The brackets may scar crown surfaces and may require repair or new crowns.

If the crowns are not old, Invisalign, orthodontics using bracketless clear aligners, are a...

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Ben and Gary Show - Episode 64

ben and gary show Sep 26, 2019

 My Tooth Turned Black!

What does it mean when a tooth turns black? Without seeing the person, we offer some possibilities.

If there is no pain, a likely possibility is the tooth was injured and the health of the nerve is compromised. The tooth may not actually be black but discolored. 

If there is discoloration at the gum line we also suspect trauma.

Another possibility is extreme decay, especially if the surface of the tooth is different from other teeth. In this case, there is probably an odor.

 Root canals without a crown

In a tooth that received a root canal but no crown, the root may discolor over time. In this case, an endodontist may try bleaching the tooth internally using the same process as bleaching teeth externally.

If this does not solve the issue, other repairs can be considered.

Root canals with a crown

A tooth with a root canal and a crown may also discolor if root discolors and the crown is thin. It could also be that the...

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